Certificate in TALLY Accounting-CTA

Course Code : ED231 Duration : 03 month
Course Type : Standard Eligibility : 10

Module -01

Topics Covered: 

Introduction of Accounts, Types of Accounts, Rules of Accounts, Accounting Principles,Double Data Enrty System,Journal,LEDGER,Daybook,Trail Balance,Profit & Loss, Balance sheet & its types.

Module -02

Topics Covered:

Accounting Concepts,Financial Accounting Basics,Vochuer types, Configuration , Features etc.

Module -03

Topics Covered:

Introduction of Tally and Tally Prime, Download & Installation, Difference between Tally ERP & Tally Prime, Brief about Tally Dashboard,

Create Company, Shut Company, Select Company,Alter,Delete,Company Features & Customise Configuration.

Module -04

Topics Covered:

Accounts Management, Inventory Management, Billwise Details, Intrest Calculation, Create, Alter & Delete (Journal Vochuers, Ledgers, Groups, Inventory Vochuers,