Founder Message

Today, India is the most dynamic and youngest economy across the world. It is currently the most attractive destination for foreign investments and to cater the same we will need trained and educated, and niche workforce in diverse sectors. This will not only curb the current manpower needs, but will also lead to educated, skilled, and employed youth responsible for building a strong nation.

Hence, the advent of vocational trainings came into existence with special focus to specifically empower the rural youth of India by providing them vocational education and trainings (VET) who lack the resources, skills, and opportunities to continue with higher education. The VETs will impede the child labor and create skilled workforce while providing them ample opportunities to lead a respectful and independent life amongst its urban peers.

This “thought”, lead to the birth of “Skills Development Initiative” by Indian Government. To deliver these ambitious projects the Government of India requested the partnership of experienced private educational players. While nothing could be more satiable than joining hands in the development and of one’s country; the birth of “Indian Institute of Microedge Skill Development”, came into existence. We at IIMESD utilize our enriching experience and expertise to educate and train rural youth thus redefining the reforming education industry, providing quality employment to trained workforce as a significant PIA to implement the government’s Skills Development Projects leading to a glorious and educated country.